Howdy Friends.

These are pictures I have taken on various trips around the world.а Many are of scuba diving.а Each album is about a trip so you should have no trouble getting around on the site.а But if you do have some problems or concerns please let me know.а I can be reached atа

To view the photos, click on the main heading that is of interest to you (such as On Land or Scuba Diving). From there you will see the various albums under that heading. Click on the album you want. You will see the pictures with captions appear next. аClick on any of the photos and you will go to the slideshow which you can either advance manually (by clicking your mouse or the arrow key on your keyboard) or you can choose the automated slideshow that will advance the shots every 5 seconds.а

I like sharing my photos and I do not care if you download one or more of them EXCEPTаyou may notаunder any conditions use any of my photographs for any commercial purpose, whether profit-making or not-for-profit, unless you have written permission from me. а

ай Robert Frank 2015