Diving at Cocos Island, Costa Rica

This video was shot at Cocos Island, the largest uninhabited island in the world. аIt is a UNESCO World Heritage Ecological Preservation area. аAll these videos were shot using a GoPro Hero 3 camera (thank you Micah and Cody for the wonderful birthday present).

When you dive, the water filters the sun's light and as you go deeper the diving is less colorful. аReds are the first to go. аYou will see a short snip where John videos me. аMy mask lens rims are bright red but as you will see in the video, they are brown because of the shortage of sunlight. аFor some of the videos I used a red filter which added a bit of color. аGood underwater video photography requires a bright (and usually expensive) light. Maybe that will be my next purchase. аEnjoy the video. It is about 12 minutes long and shows you what our boat was like as well as the island and diving. аThe movie takes a bit to download so it is best if you just walk away for a few minutes and let it down before attempting to play.

You will also find more diving photos under the Scuba Diving link and more land videos and pictures under the On Land link.

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ай Robert Frank 2015