Bar Harbor and Camden, Maine

These photos were shot from Bar Harbor, Maine (where it was mainly rainy and foggy) and Camden, Maine (where the weather was much better). They were taken between July 1 and July 3, 2013. аPersonally, I found Bar Harbor very touristy with lots of t-shirt shops and places selling tourist trinkets. аI enjoyed Camden much more. It was a very laid back community that was extremely clean and well maintained. аWe did go on one of the whale watching trips and you can judge by the photos if you think it was worth it. About the only way you will get a great photo of a whale from these trips is if the whale literally comes up right next to the boat. Otherwise, you can find better photos on the Internet. Finally, we went to a great vintage automobile and airplane show and those photos are on a separate page. аYou should have no problems finding it. аWe found Ft. Knox (a different one than the one in Kentucky but named for the same General, to be really interesting.

ай Robert Frank 2015