Costa Rica-2013

After diving we went to Quepos (on the west coast of Costa Rica) and visited Manuel Antonio National Park as well as a Mangrove forest. аThese pictures are from that portion of the trip. The shots of flowers were all taken at a spice farm where they grow cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, ginger, basil and other spices. аThe photos of monkeys and crocodiles were taken on a day trip we did in the Mangrove Forest area. аThere is a short video at the end that shows a 3-toed sloth moving around in a tree and some white faced monkeys that were seen at the Mangrove Forest area. аThe movie may take a few seconds to load so be patient, please. аThe pictures with the sloth, grasshopper and lizards were taken from Manuel Antonio Park.

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ай Robert Frank 2015