We ended our trip with three days in Dubai. аWe went 4-wheel driving in the desert (in an approved area so we were not tearing up the environment), visited a camel farm (pretty dull) and went to a family “camp” in the desert where we had a delightful local cuisine coupled with traditional entertainment. The next day we toured the commercial area of Dubai where there are gold shops after gold shops. аThe price of gold is consistent from shop to shop. What you pay for is the craftsmanship. аPrices of items rise and fall daily based upon the current price of gold. аWe ended our trip by attending the Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship which for horse lovers was quite enjoyable.

In American horse shows the vehicles often on display are Dodge Ram or Fort F-150 trucks. At the Dubai Arabian Horse Championship the cars on display were Rolls Royce, Bentley’s and McLaren’s.

ай Robert Frank 2015