Fishing in Alaska-2015


Well, this year I again went back to Petersburg, Alaska with Jerry and Wes Foretich only this time I brought fellow Missourian, Randy Jennings, along. аIt was a heck of a trip although the fishing wasn’t as good as it had been in prior years. But the weather was PERFECT every day—not one drop of rain and hardly any clouds. а

The drought in the area resulted in the streams not flowing very fast which made it hard for the salmon to do their “run” upstream. аOn top of that, the halibut were not as plentiful or large as in prior years. Nonetheless, we all caught plenty of fish and had a heck of a good time. аOne day we went about two hours north to a glacier and that was really neat. аNot only were seals all over the place (moms and pups) but some of the pieces of the glacier that had broken off were blue. аMany were huge—the size of a house—and you can only try to imagine how many decades ago these chunks broke off and floated to their present location. Very cool. аWes broke a piece off of one of the glacier chunks and then chopped it up to use in our Rum and Coke drinks. аThink about that—cooling your rum and Coke with ice that is thousands of years old!

ай Robert Frank 2015