Sri Lanka-2015

We began our first day in Sri Lanka by visiting a localаfish market (it opened at 2 AM and getting there at 8 AM made it so we didn’t see the whole shebang), then to an elephant orphanage, a Buddhist temple built several thousand years ago in Puri where supposedly Buddhas tooth is kept. аFrom there we visited a tea factory and then headed back to Colombo.

When you look at the fish market pictures please remember that this is one tiny market on one tiny island and that thousands—or tens of thousands—of such markets exist every day. аYou will quickly realize that the drain humans are making on the oceans is unsustainable. аThere simply isn’t any way to continue to pull out this many fish every day without adverse consequences.

The next day we headed south along the shoreline and visited a turtle conservation project where we were able to hold two-day old hawksbill and one week old green turtles. аIt was very cool and something you can’t do in America. аNext we went to Galle Fort that was first built by the Portuguese in 1588 and then reinforced and expanded by the British in the 1600’s.

ай Robert Frank 2015