Blue Heron Bridge-West Palm Beach, Florida


I took a group of divers / photographers to Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach, Florida for a few days of diving in June, 2015. аWhat a great place to dive and take photos. аOnce a month the tide will be “flat” in the mornings on weekends. (“Flat” means that the tide is neither coming in nor going out so there is no current.) аDuring this 90 minute period you are in no more than 15 feet of water (temperature of about 83 degrees) and there are all kinds of neat and colorful critters that are waiting for you to take their picture. аHere are some of the shots I captured on this trip. аWe are planning on doing the trip again in 2016. аIt was a great photographic opportunity,

I captured some rather good photos of a Scorpionfish. аTo me, the Scorpionfish is one of the most dangerous fish in the water because the spines are their back are loaded with intense toxins and Scorpionfish are masters of disguise. It is very easy to not see them at all. аAfter the two close up photos of a Scorpionfish I added another photo of a different Scorpionfish that was on the sea floor so you could see how well they are disguised.а

Finally, if anyone knows what the animal (or plant) is in the second to the last photo that has the Fireworm wrapped around it please let me know.

ай Robert Frank 2015