In December, 2014 we visited Bonaire, Curacao and Panama. аAt Bonaire I hired a great instructor from Buddy Dive (Remy) who took me to some of his favorite dive sites on the island. (The Salt Pier, Los Angeles and Invisibles). аI understand that everyone raves about diving in Bonaire but I just don’t get it. аI thought the diving was pretty good but the reefs were not overly colorful and there were not a huge variety of different fishes. аBy the simple fact that after five dives I only have 19 photos that I wanted to share tells you something about how great the diving / photography was. аCheck out my photos from Curacao to see the diffrence in colors and quality.

Also, I think Bonaire has about the worst food in restaurants of any place I have ever visited. On top of that, in most places the service stinks. аWe were very surprised as both how inattentive the wait staff was at most places and how mediocre (and expensive) the food was. аI doubt if I will return except if someone is paying my way. аHowever, if you are there be sure to visit the Donkey Sanctuary. It is a real HOOT and great for kids, too. Check out my photos of the Donkey Sanctuary under the On Land tab.

These photos were all shot with either a Canon G-16 or Sony RDX100iii, each inside their respective Fantasea underwater housing. аI also used a Fantasea Blue Ray Radiant Video light and a Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe.

I hope you enjoy my photos. Just click on one and the slide show should start. Pictures will automatically change every 5 seconds or you can manually advance the pictures by using the Left and Right arrows in the lower left hand corner of the image.

ай Robert Frank 2015