Cocos Island

Cocos Island is located about 320 miles Southwest of Costa Rica. аIt takes 36 hours by boat to get there. аYou go to Cocos (the largest uninhabited island in the world) to see sharks--and you see a lot of them. аThis is not an area with colorful reefs such as Fiji. аAll dives are deep (over 70 feet) with strong currents. аWith luck (we were lucky) you will also see Whale Sharks--the largest fish in the oceans. аWhale Sharks (50+ feet long and weighing up to 75,000 pounds) eat phytoplankton. аIf somehow you ended up in a Whale Shark's mouth it would probably spit you out. аWe also saw hundreds of white-tipped sharks that were totally non-threatening to us. аOn one night dive there were so many white tips swimming around that they literally swam between our legs and would bump us out of their way. аYou may see a "tag" on the dorsal fins of some of the White Tip Sharks. These are radio transmitters. Throughout the Pacific Ocean sensors have been placed so that researchers can follow the migration paths of the sharks.

You see lots of hammerhead sharks and marble rays. аThe аhammerheads are very shy and their sensors pick up our bubbles from about 20 feet away so it is difficult to get a close up of a hammerhead unless you are pretty lucky. аI shot over 1,000 pictures while diving. аThese are the best 100 or so. аYou may also want to check out the Cocos Island video. аFinally, these pictures include both diving and some land shots of Cocos. аIt was a great trip to say the least. аI hope you enjoy the photos.

You will see some photos of bags of fishing line. This is line that was taken from illegal "long line" fishing in Cocos LAST YEAR. аIn one year over 150 miles of long lines were seized and lucking nearly 80% of the illegally caught tuna were released back into the waters. аYou will see a suspension bridge at the Cocos Research Center. That bridge is built entirely out of captured long lines and long line buoys. аYou will also see some photos of me with my dive buddy, John Holden. аJohn is a great friend and fun person to dive with.

ай Robert Frank 2015